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Kids, how much we can learn from their curiosity, ability to explore and unexpected solution they reach in their quest for solutions. With our new initiative to make an impact in young lives as early as possible and empower them with practical tools and process driven methods in their way of quest, every session has been a learning experience.

With our innovative approach towards entrepreneurship, and our methodologies which we are proud of, we still find so much filled in by students as surprise value and learning for us. some of base logical choice we forget to make in our later stages when we face those challenge come up so easily to us at that tender age. Greater is our responsibility too to provide them with the tools and support system for tomorrow without impacting their independent decision making. That is one aspect we “Dont” touch in students.

Kurativz Kidzpreneur believes imparting practical education as skill to students without impacting their independent decision making ability. Once you leave them to make their choices you have already empowered them to take risks – a true sign of entrepreneur. With our knowledge and methodologies we secure them with the cushion of expecting the unexpected and with our tools they steer themselves to safety and better still to successfully overcome the challenge. Each kid is winer with their own way of solving a problem, its is enticing to see solutions that we have not fathomed while putting them to face symbolic challenges. It is why they are great teachers to us and help us improve our next session with their inputs, insights and innovative thinkings.

It has been amazing journey thus far with Muni International School, imparting Kidzpreneur program training to students for class 8th to 10th. Skilling them for better future

About Kidzpreneur Program

We are running an initiative under Kidzpreneur program to engage students with entrepreneurship training program where students are trained & motivated to have dream for their startups at young age.

We groom students with soft skills and tools to validate and scale up their ideas with engaging activities. As a first for India, we also provide them financial freedom to explore ideas in practice with real money under our ‘Incubate to fail‘ venture. We invest real money with students, whose ideas we shortlist as promising in the end of programme.

We have groom up their personality:

◆ Ideas Development & Validation

◆ Team Building

◆ Negotiation Skills

◆ Soft Skill Development

Muni International School is rated and India’s Level Next School by UNESCO and is supported by Govt of Japan for their 40+ innovative methodologies implemented for better education oops skilling.

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