Introverts are the people who predominantly concerned with their own self thoughts and feelings rather than external feelings. They have a tough time in opening up and expressing their view points. And so was Mr. Swarandeep Kambo. Today, this man is the Lead โ€“ Investments and Community at ๐”๐๐‹๐„๐€๐’๐‡, a global non-profit initiative aiming to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals by bringing young global talents together to innovate and collaborate on new solutions to the worldโ€™s most pressing challenges.

He despite of his introvert personality had become a mentor today and is helping people globally. Introverts are masters at self-evaluation. And since fear is felt within, introverts have a leg up when it comes to using introspection to learn about fear. Having supportive people in your corner who can provide encouragement, cheerleading or accountability can help make facing your fears feel easier.

If you are an introvert and you have a difficulty in opening up and expressing, the first thing you need to do is to get out of the comfort zone. Get rid of that hesitation. Transition yourself. Take small steps each day to reach that goal. Start taking initiatives. Interact with like minded people starting from your cheerleaders and try to communicate as much as you can, says Mr.Kambo. Introvert or not, there is no way where you should run away from the challenges. Life will always challenge you in some way or the other. One must always keep changing for the better.

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